A year of resolute, resilience and giving back

A year of resolute, resilience and giving back

 This year-end, or what is left of 2022, started off as I’ve always imagined it to be every year - us trying to get the last bit of work and deliveries from the factory before they closed for their annual leave during Chinese New Year. The workers stretch their shifts to meet deadlines before the last truck leaves for the airport. Before they had to put down their scissors, switch off their machines and rush to their train stations in the freezing cold back to their villages and hometowns, with their multi luggages and enormous red white blue canvas bags, filled with city goods and presents from the city.

But of course 2022 didn’t start off like I imagined it to. Many cities had one kind of a lockdown or some Covid restriction imposed on them. Many would rather not travel to go back to their hometowns and risk being trapped by those restrictions, which prolongs their absence from their families for another year with this being their 3rd year of zero Covid. 

The people that I work with who produce my designs and make sure they are finished with the highest of standard, have become my friends over the years. Their support has been unwavering, despite the hardships they have endured, throughout these 3 years. This year China has been peppered with much uncertainty and distress brought on by their Covid policies, affecting not only the day to day living of their citizens but the supply chain of all goods imaginable to the world. Of course, our supply was not spared. 

So with the end of 2022 fast approaching and a very early Lunar New year in January, the factories are once again stretching their limits to meet deadlines before their annual migration back to their hometowns. With zero Covid restrictions more or less lifted in most parts, 2023 will be the first year since 2020 that China’s citizens will be able to travel freely. Our thoughts are with you, travel safe.

I would just like to say a huge Thank you and a super heartfelt appreciation to our production team in Shenzhen. Every design and every piece has gone through the hands of a skilled worker that has had to leave their families, children and homes to make a living in a city. They deserve our recognition.

This year, events have finally made the way back into our lives. We participated in the Boutiques Fair Spring Summer edition in April and the Gifting Edition in November. We are so thankful to have been able to see all of you and finally be able to interact with you face to face again!

We also had the opportunity to give back to the community with 2 of our launches:

AKINN 2.4: Kind Earth was launched together with artiste Inch Chua focusing on sustainable sustainability. With the understanding that an all-or-nothing mindset is unattainable for a lot of us. It is about taking steps towards becoming more aware, seeking higher learning and becoming mindful about everyday choices. With this collection, we wanted to extend further by using a selection of earth friendly fabric and materials to increase the need to appreciate our planet. With that in our hearts and minds, we donated part of our capsule proceeds to Zero Waste SG.

AKINN 3.1: The Story of Hope was launched in collaboration with Sharon Au. The collection was launched not only to raise awareness about those who may not have someone to share joy with, but also with the aim of benefitting Star Shelter, a safe refuge for women and children who are victims of family violence. AKINN committed SGD1,000 to the shelter along with a continuing 10% of net sales to Star Shelter's cause.

AKINN is looking to do so much more in the next year, through our collaborations, our stories to learn and educate, the opportunities to work with other talents, to solidify our platform for younger creatives to come onboard and share their perspectives on Fashion and Design. 

Here’s looking forward to an incredible year filled with inspiration to create, to laugh and to love.

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