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Article: AKINN 3.1: The Story of Hope

AKINN 3.1: The Story of Hope

AKINN 3.1: The Story of Hope

It’s time to bring back the light. To celebrate life, with all its trials and tribulations, with a heart filled with hope, love and joy. Restrictions have put a dampener on the holidays, but we are taking back the glamour, romance and magic of the season. And what better way than set against the backdrop of the city of love, Paris, France.

Designed in collaboration with Sharon Au, our favourite celebrity, our warrior and sunshine - AKINN 3.1 aims to bring joy and confidence with every piece. Playing around with different silhouettes for a cafe chic outfit to a cocktail dinatoire, with festive colours that’d cue you right into Spring.

AKINN has always been inspired by the stories of people, and it stems from our love of spending quality time with the ones who matter. Our families, friends, and pets. This new year, we’ll like to raise awareness about those around us who may not have someone to share sparks of joy with, and we’d like to encourage you to be that spark with us.

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In support of Star Shelter, by Singapore Council of Women’s Organisations (SCWO)

AKINN 3.1 seeks to benefit Star Shelter, a safe refuge for women and their children who are victims of family violence regardless of race, language, creed or religion. In January, AKINN donated SGD1,000 to the shelter, and a continuing 10% of net sales (till 20 Jun 2022) from the collection will be channelled to the cause.

Find out how you can make a difference and support the residents here.


Sharon’s Story

“This collaboration with AKINN marks the beginning of us learning from history. Not to air dirty laundry nor to shame anyone, but to raise awareness of the importance of women standing up for our own independence.”


“Growing up I had dreams and aspirations, which I thought someone like me would never be able to realize.”


“It was like shooting for the stars, but I dreamt anyway. A broken soul would never grow up to be whole and happy.”


“I was so wrong. Hence, I named these 6 dresses after the dreams I dared to dream.

  1. A Fresh Start
  2. Broadway Musical
  3. Red Carpet
  4. Spring in Paris
  5. Mademoiselle-In-Love
  6. Jetsetter”

- Sharon Au

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