AKINN 2.2: An intentional pursuit of wellness

We believe wellness to be an active pursuit. An intentional discipline of mindfulness and purpose; being good to yourself, and recognizing the good in others.

In that, what we wear plays an important role in our wellbeing. Fashion has always been intertwined with the times, reflective of the moods of the moment, an avenue for creative expression.

With wellness as the key inspiration, AKINN 2.2 presents a collection that takes you through day to night, with designs that reinforce the sense of self, and imparts positivity and confidence. Browse the collection to kickstart your journey for better wellbeing.

AKINN Inspirations: Charlotte Mei

Nutritionist, host, presenter; all round vivacious lover of life.

Creative director, Wykidd Song, first chanced upon her on Instagram during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic in Singapore. Charlotte was cooking up a storm and talking about composting on her Instagram, @thecharlottemei. He was taken by her deep knowledge on nutrition beyond her years, her commitment & championing of sustainability, and her effortless style.

Always with the AKINN customer in mind, and with the launch of AKINN HOME, we saw benefits to extending our wellness inspirations beyond what we wear, to what we eat. Speaking with her, we talked about sustainable fabrics, her go-to looks for business meetings, the outfits that take her about town for some fun in the evenings, both underlined with a combination of casual lightness and sophistication. Her positivity and holistic mindfulness was a big inspiration for AKINN 2.2.

Huddled in the AKINN showroom, Charlotte and Wykidd dived deep about her decision to pursue a career in nutrition, healthy eating habits and what makes the latest AKINN 2.2 functional and environmentally-conscious.

Dress with Overlap Front and Asymmetric Skirt and Blouson V-Neck Top with Contrast A-Line Skirt Dress from AKINN 2.2.

A blank piece of paper, a burning curiosity for answers, and a “try lah” attitude

That was all that was needed to set off Charlotte’s foray into the world of nutrition. At the age of 16-17, Charlotte was stumped by an important decision faced by many - choosing a career path.

“I’m just going to write down every single question that comes to me during the day,” prompting her realization that most questions concerned topics like food, health or biology. “Gosh, I’m actually obsessed with this topic,” she said with a laugh. Coupled with the relevant issue of body image as a teenager, she chose to study nutrition in university, eventually becoming a certified nutritionist at the Singapore Nutrition and Dietetics Association (SNDA).

For us critters amid the hustle and bustle of Singapore, perhaps getting our fix of nourishing food isn’t at the forefront of our minds. But the tips shared by Charlotte are doable and effective for anyone who wants to eat better. The key takeaway? Balance.

80 - 20 rule

Eating balanced food means eating not too much nor too little of the specific food groups: carbohydrates, fruits and veggies, and proteins. Granted it’s not easy, but sticking to the “80/20” principle helps. The 80% refers to the bulk of what you eat, in which you try to consume fresh and unprocessed food. The 20% is a leeway, a reward for yourself to indulge in your favorite foods - for Wykidd, it’s cake.

After all, eating well doesn’t stop you from eating the snacks you love but also promises a host of benefits that will leave you feeling great so long as you keep to the rules. As aptly summed up by Charlotte, “You can have your cake and eat it too”.

Pockets! Who says you have to compromise style for functionality?

Wellness is as much about what you put into your system, as what you wear on your skin. Wearing the right fit can help to boost your mood, improve self-confidence, and express your personality. The direction of AKINN 2.2 is embodied by Charlotte and her sentiments on mindfulness, fashion and sustainability.

Comfort with confidence

To Charlotte, comfort is the number one priority, an important standard inculcated by her mom. That’s what matters at AKINN too, where Wykidd shared about designing with his customer base in mind. According to him, designing apparel for Singaporeans means creating apparel suitable for tropical weather, one that allows mobility for folks who are always on the go. It’s about creating a look that enables Charlotte to feel confident going about her daily activities, yet versatile enough to complement a dinner event in the evening.

Charlotte comfortably lounging in one of the styles from AKINN 2.2 with its creator, Wykidd.

With functionality as the basis of the ensemble, and to the delight of Charlotte, pockets are a feature in some of the outfits, including the Straight Cut, Midi Shirt Dress with Revere Collar and Self Tie Belt that she was wearing.

Sustainable fabrics

Passionate about sustainability, Charlotte was curious about the steps Wykidd took to transform his role in the wasteful and pollutive fashion industry through AKINN and its collections. Wykidd explains AKINN’s business model as contingent on a focused collection of styles ranging from 6 to 12, as compared to the rapid production of 4 to 6 big, yearly collections (each consisting of 60 to 100 styles!) that he was previously accustomed to. This means that AKINN produces on a smaller, but more environmentally conscious manner, and is better able to create styles with greater attention.

Cupro, a sustainability fibre derived from cotton linter leftovers during cotton harvesting.

AKINN 2.2 also embraces mother nature’s gifts. Materials like cupro and viscose eases a little load off the pollutive aspect of the fashion industry. Many of AKINN’s outfits such as the dress Charlotte was wearing, is made from a cupro blend. Notable mentions include the use of a viscose blend in the Playsuit with Front Zip & Self Fabric Tie. Viscose is a sustainable alternative to silk, as it’s made from the wood pulp of fast-growing trees.

The chat between Charlotte and Wykidd is one that sheds light on topics concerning nutrition, AKINN 2.2, sustainability, and how it all ties together in our quest for wellbeing. Striving to achieve wellness not only involves eating well, but getting a fit that lets your personality shine, yet practical enough to tide you through the day’s demands. It’s about opting for more sustainable apparel choices when possible, to give back to the environment. After all, we’re only as healthy as the world we live in.

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