We’re never too far away from home. The adage rings true for Wykidd Song, a multi-hyphenate fashion designer with an impressive international portfolio. Not only is he back in his home country of Singapore, but he’s also reconnected with his creative roots through AKINN.

With a career than began in Milan and London, Wykidd Song put his name on the radar with the launch of Song & Kelly in 1994. The brand, which Wykidd co-founded with Ann Kelly, made its debut in Singapore and quickly became a favourite among the cosmopolitan crowd. In a few short years, it caught the attention of Christina Ong of Club 21Global and made it the first Singapore brand to be brought into the stables of this international retail conglomerate.

As that chapter of his career came to a close in 2007, Wykidd immersed himself in other creative outlets: started his design studio called WK Design and got into projects such as designing fine  jewellery in collaboration with Singapore brand, Soo Kee Jewellery. He was also commissioned to design the official attire for the APEC leaders during the 2009 Singapore Summit. There really was no rest for the wickedly talented, as he also began work on his eponymous menswear label. From one project to the next, Wykidd eventually found himself settling in Hong Kong where he was headhunted to lead the design team for a fashion brand there. 

Wykidd’s philosophy has always been that design is more than just an aesthetic execution - it is meant to have function and substance, enhancing positive feelings through sensory experiences. Having been part of the fashion industry for many years, he saw the proliferation of fast fashion. The once dynamic and vibrant scene became excessive and wasteful - consisting of weekly deliveries that were quickly put together with no attention to quality, no originality, and no interesting story.

After his return to Singapore, he felt a renewed energy urging him to create a platform where design, craft, and human stories converge, where lasting quality is more important than instant gratification. Hence, the concept of AKINN was born with the hope of cultivating responsible consumption with apparels that go beyond trends or seasons. Each collection unravels the stories of people who inspires Song. 

From his past ventures, Wykidd learnt the importance of marketing for any brand to be successful, so he sought the expertise of James Chua, a close friend who owns a marketing consultancy agency in Singapore, GERMS. Together, they venture towards launching a distinctive approach towards design with AKINN. 

Looking ahead, Wykidd’s vision is for AKINN is to evolve into a collaborative platform where he brings together creatives with the same philosophy and principles, across multiple design disciplines such as jewellery, art, and home accessories to co-create exquisite pieces that befits the sophisticated tastes of design enthusiasts. 

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