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RISE/REST Tea Capsules

$18.00 Regular price $28.00

AKINN's exclusive specialty tea capsules comes in two signature blends – Rise and Rest, a mix of day (caffeinated) and night (caffeine-free) tea to take you through the day.

Product Information
  • 10x Nespresso® compatible tea capsules
  • Rise - Japanese Green Tea, Cherry Blossom Petals, Rose Petals (Blended in UK)
  • Rest - Hibiscus Apple, Cinnamon Butterfly blue pea Liquorice Orange peel (Blended in Germany)
  • Net weight: 22.5g

Brewing instructions:

  • For best taste, flush machine before use.
  • Insert a Tea Capsule into the machine.
  • Close lever firmly and place a cup under the outlet.
  • Press the 40ml (small cup) button to start and brew till it stops automatically.
  • For better extraction, wait 30 seconds for tea leaves in capsule to pre-infuse.
  • Press 110ml (long cup) button to continue brew till it stops automatically.
  • Remove cup and enjoy your freshly brewed tea.