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Wykidd’s mother (pictured right)
Wykidd’s mother (pictured right)

My love for fashion stems from my love for women. My high esteem and respect for them has carried me through the years of my career and has been my inspiration of wanting to create more beautiful and sophisticated designs for all women.

It has always been my belief that all people are born equal, needless to say that includes women. However, sadly, the world still has to be reminded that women are judged on different standards and should deserve no less than men. I adore women; their presence and grace are reasons why us men have not all but killed every man on earth. So, while I adore women everyday, this day gives us all a special reason to celebrate the better half officially.

With love,
Wykidd Song

AKINN believes in dressing to empower every woman to look good and feel good from within, celebrating uniqueness, tenacity and grace that we embrace daily. From us, at team AKINN - a very happy International Women’s Day!

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