AKINN: inspired by the resilience of female business leaders

She greets each day with confidence and vulnerability.
She embraces uncertainties with boldness and tenderness.
She drives her goals with determination and humility.
Through it all, with uncompromising beliefs and a formidable sense of self.

Meet Jade Yip, an empowered woman who inspires AKINN.


Jade Yip is the managing director of Shevron, a business that transforms design and art into branded chic, unique works that tells a story. With a focus on exquisitely crafted print and embroidery fabric works and art pieces, Shevron champions creativity, originality and local design through collaboration with design schools, independent makers and designers to provide opportunities to promote their work to a wider audience.

In her mid-thirties, she is also a mother to three children, two girls and a boy.



  1. Can you tell us a bit about how the embroidery business started? 

    Our founding company that my dad built has strong core competencies in embroidery and print. It is a successful, scalable business. However, my dad who graduated from NAFA in fine arts, was not satisfied.

    Instead of manufacturing just for international brands, he wanted to showcase modern Asia through our products and market them to our own customers. With this intent in mind, Shevron was created.

  2. How did you get involved in Shevron?

    Creating a new brand takes much time and effort, and my dad had different businesses and portfolios to look after.

    So when I graduated from Singapore Management University, I joined him and took over the running of the brand to bring the business to the next level. I also wanted to further push our purpose of exposing modern asian art and style to wider audiences.

  3. What were some of your struggles / triumphs when you transitioned into ownership of the brand operations?

    I had to start learning from scratch, and work from the bottom. I was involved in everything - from production, design, sales and marketing in all our business segments, alongside colleagues who are more senior and experienced than me.

    We started slow but my dad and I were and still are persistent in creating products that are unique and of good quality. This focus has paid off; we now have renowned local and international brands as our regular customers.

On running a business and a household

  1. Having a purposeful business is important to many business owners. What is Shevron’s purpose, especially as you grow the brand?

    Shevron is recognised for its authentic craftsmanship and unique designs on modern Asian culture, arts and heritage. We want to play a higher purpose in amplifying this, to unlock its potential in the consumer market. Ultimately, we aim to inspire people, connect communities and position Singapore globally.

  2. You’re a mom of three! Share with us - how do you manage running a business and your family all at the same time?

    I find that success flows best when you are running both family and business with a maintainable balance. Often we try to run too fast in one or both areas and then we end up burnt out and stressed out. That is not a recipe for financial success or a happy family. Having work and family balance allows you to enjoy the journey and feel fulfilled at every level.

    To me, balance is about being at the right place at the right time, doing the right things. Some interpret balance as spending equal amounts of time at work and with family, but in reality it doesn’t work this way. It’s not quantity but quality that matters. 

On personal style

  1. You regularly meet with large corporations to represent your business and sell your products. Bring us through the process of how you prepare for these big meetings, especially when it comes to deciding what to wear. 

    I am really grateful for the opportunities, trust and support given by our customers. A lot of them are our regulars, so they know my style. When I dress for the business environment, I choose clothes and designs that make me feel good.

    In my view, dressing for success means having good quality clothes that fits your personality, gives you freedom for motion and style for the confidence you need to bring you through the entire day. Ultimately, go make your mark and shine! 

  2. Describe your style, and how you translate that through from leisure to work? Do you dress very differently between your personal and professional persona?

    For the most, when dressed for work, I’m in smart casual - a rotation of dresses, blazers, cardigans, and pants and my flat Melissa shoes.

    On weekends when I spend quality time with kids and chasing after them, I’m usually in t-shirts, jeans, shorts and my Baia Baia customized flip flops.

  3. What is your philosophy when it comes to shopping for work wear - what do you look out for? Are you a heart or head kinda person when justifying your purchases?

    I believe in investing in good quality items that I will always reach for. Choosing something comfortable and versatile, which I can easily translate into casual wear, business clothes and networking dinner after work appeals to me. 

  4. Think back to Jade 5 years ago. How have you fine-tuned your choice of style when it comes to dressing both for leisure and work?

    5 years ago, I would choose clothes that are trendy and nice-looking. Now, I choose clothes that fit my body, my lifestyle and my represents my personal style.
  5. If you could sum up your attitude and approach towards dressing and what makes you feel extra confident in a boardroom, what 3 words would you use to describe it?

    Be confident, Feel the freedom, Make your mark.

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